Bandwidth Management Software Solution


Comprehensive Solution for Small & Medium ISPs

Comprehensive Solution
for Major ISPs

24online ISP solution offers advanced AAA RADIUS server, internet billing system for prepaid – postpaid billing, rating and charging, franchisee and subscriber management for new operator as well as existing Internet Service Providers (ISP).

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Hospitality Internet Access Controller

Hospitality Internet
Access Controller

24online HIA solution offers bundled features like advanced access controller for guest AAA RADIUS solution, hotel Wi-Fi Hotspot management software, bandwidth management, walk-in coupon management and many more for single and chain of hotels.

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Market leading Internet Service Management, Internet Billing and Bandwidth Shaping Solution.


As per the recent study, 63% of business travelers globally check the availability of Wi-Fi services...


Internet connectivity through wired or wireless network infrastructure is a basic necessity at enterprises ...


Coffee shops and cafes have become prime spots for meetings and discussions. Added facility of internet...


Visiting a restaurant and expecting Wi-Fi access is very common these days. Everyone wants to stay ...

Markets Covered

With the increasing demand for internet access in educational campuses due to evolving standard...

Health Care

With evolving technology, Healthcare segment is also tremendously changing, where-in hospitals, clinics; ...


24online billing and bandwidth manager for airports, help you with comprehensive bandwidth shaping,..

Shopping Malls

Very few people carried their laptops to malls, but with the increasing number of mobile devices and tablets...


Internet service providers all over the globe are moving towards the NGN networks to cater ...


KENT RO SYSTEMS LTD, INDIA: Our aim was to provide a seamless, secured and smart internet access network for our office visitors.

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