Wifi Hotspot for Single & Chain Coffee shop and Cafes

Wifi Hotspot for Single and Chain Coffee Shop and Cafes

Coffee shops and cafes have become prime spots for meetings and discussions. Added facility of internet patronizes customers to continue their visit for extended hours and frequent visits. Ultimately, customers are satisfied and results in increased profit of the cafe.

With the increasing popularity of the internet in cafes, there are certain challenges which need to be addressed. Offering public Wi-Fi without proper authentication process and activity logs can lead to congested network, high bandwidth consumption and cyber crime issues. So, a dedicated solution should be deployed which offers complete user authentication process with added revenue generation options to support single or multi-location cafe networks.

Hotspot Management, User Authentication, Captive Portal and Prepaid Voucher Solution

24online solution not only offers comprehensive internet management features but also facilitates promotional and advertising features by which café-restaurant chains can market new offers to their customers and generate more revenue. 24online coffee shop Wi-Fi hotspo solution is offered in appliance based form for robust and reliable performance to offer uninterrupted internet services and uncompromised service quality to customers. 24online is highly cost-efficient and scalable solution offering variety of features including hotspot billing, coffee shop bandwidth management, and user authentication to meet the needs of hotels and hotspots properties.


Inbuilt RADIUS Server

  • PAP/CHAP support
  • Offers inbuilt Database
  • Supports Oracle Database


  • Login through client exe/web-based
  • Based on username and password


  • Based on MAC and IP address
  • Re-Authorization Functionality
  • MAC Based Auto Login


  • On hours, days, data transfer
  • Time|Quota Based Billing
  • Peak & Off-peak Billing
  • Pulse Based Rating
  • Pre-paid and Post-paid Billing
  • Customizable Multi-Service Invoice Template
  • Tax, Ancillary and Discount Facility
  • Create Customizable Login Pages – HTTP Enabled
  • Device Based Login Pages – Mobile/Laptop
  • Location Based Captive Portal
  • Integrated with Social Media
  • Create Page for SMS OTP based login
  • User Self Registration
  • Promotions and Branding options
  • Seamless Roaming (Wired to Wireless)
  • IP Pool Management
  • Login Once
  • Zero Configuration
  • DHCP and DNS
  • SmartNat
  • Console & Secured Access (SSH)
  • SNAT Management
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Basic Firewall System
  • Syslog Configurations
  • Swift User Migration Facility
  • Data backup and restore
  • Network Management Options
  • CRM Integration
  • Third Party NAS and RADIUS Integration
  • Committed and Burstable Bandwidth
  • Individual and Shared Bandwidth Quota
  • Bandwidth Scheduling & Fair Usage Policy
  • Restrict Users Based on Data and Bandwidth
  • Integrated with 15+ payment gateways
  • Facilitates online payment receivables
  • Flexible to integrate with any payment gateway
  • Integrated with 24online payment tracking
  • Event based customizable email templates
  • Schedule alerts for renewal/package expiry
  • Alert users on in-correct login/failure
  • Complete Email Logs
  • Integrated solution with 24online HIA
  • In-built printer configuration in 24online HIA
  • One-time Three Coupon Configuration
  • Low-noise, high-speed printing
  • Communication interface parallel port
  • Print high-quality in low cost
  • Complete User Life Cycle Management
  • Account ID based User Credentials
  • Demographic Field Option
  • Create|Activate|Suspend|Renew|Archive Users
  • User Management Based Reports
  • User My Account
  • Prepaid & Postpaid packages
  • Create Hourly and Day based plans
  • Registration & Renewal packages
  • Facility to Carry-Forward Quota
  • Facilitates Topup for prepaid plans
  • Branding & Customizable Coupon Templates
  • Create Package & Zone wise Coupons
  • Facilitates Online Coupon Purchase
  • Instant coupon generation in printable formats
  • System generated username & passwords
  • In-built Ezprint printer configuration
  • Pin Aging - Coupons with expiry date
  • Supports Multiple ISP Links
  • Weight Based Round Robin Traffic Balancing
  • High Connectivity Even During Peak Hours
  • Immediate Failure Detection
  • Intelligently Redirect Traffic to Active Gateways
  • Role Based Multiple Level Administration (ACL) For Admin GUI & Console
  • Change Password Options
  • Multi-functionality Dashboard Facility
  • Ease of admin interface
  • Quick configuration options
  • Admin GUI Usage Log - *Audit Reports
  • NetKapture| Weblogger | iView Integration
  • Reports in CSV/Printable/Graphical/PDF
  • Diagnostic and System Health Check Tools
  • MIS & BI Reports
  • Click-n-Configure SMS Gateways
  • Integrated with 20+ SMS gateways
  • Manage, Try and Create Facility
  • Facilitates different message templates
  • Send message at different events – Register/Renew/Login/Logout etc
  • Offers complete log of SMS sent
  • SMPP Support
  • Rich look and feel of admin GUI
  • Multi-lingual GUI option
  • Frequently used options
  • Demographic Field Option
  • Comprehensive Dashboard Format
  • Easy Control & Configuration Options
  • Web Categories : Default (37+)
  • Block Domains and Ports
  • Protocols supported: HTTP, HTTPS
  • Block Malware, Adult sites
  • Custom Denied Message per Web Category
  • Safe Search Enforcement for Bing

For more information on Wi-Fi Hotspot Management Software Solution for Cafes, send us an email at sales(@)24onlinebilling(.)com