Multi Tenant Managed Solution

Multi Tenant Managed Cloud Solution

24online Introduces Multi Tenant Managed Solutions for ISPs

24online has designed a Multi-Tenant Solution which is deployed at the centralized NOC of the internet service providers. With built-in AAA and Access Gateway functionalities, 24online also enables the features to support multiple networks (hotels, hotspots, universities, airports, etc.) on the same platform.

There can be multiple users in different networks, but 24online is smart enough to identify the network, user and usage details of the user and accordingly authenticate or perform accounting of the users. With the help of this features, ISPs can offer more than just bandwidth and on-board existing customer base with new offerings. It opens a completely new segment for the ISPs to tap and generate more revenue.


Each hotspot network on-boarded on the 24online platform will be provided with a separate interface using which they will be able to manage their users, network and business.

Regardless of which segment the hotspot network is from, 24online is capable of catering to all the major networks using its AAA functionalities. It will map the network and its users, and accordingly authenticate them to allow secured traffic.

In addition, 24online also helps in managing the bandwidth of the network through different types of policies and internet packages that will result in optimization of the existing bandwidth pipe.

Hotspot admin can manage their users individually using the user management interface. The entire details of users, usage and business pertaining to specific network can be availed from the feature.

ISPs can enhance the user friendliness a step ahead by designing and branding the vouchers as per the hotspot network and distribute among their customers with a rate card.

24online has been designed to offer uninterrupted services to its customers by which ISPs can use two links to provide the bandwidth using the solution. In case if any one link fails due to network failure then the system smartly routes the traffic through another link.

Complying with the rules and regulations of the government, 24online captures the usage logs and network requests sent and received through the on-boarded networks. This data is highly useful for business and network understanding.

24online is integrated with PMS, LDAP, AD, CRM, BRAS, BNG, Access Gateways like Mikrotik and various other network components that enables seamless provisioning process.

24online launches Web filtering feature which enables network admin to block user traffic to 37 categories of websites from HTTP and HTTPs traffic. The denial message can be customized and branded as per the business requirements. The internal category database will auto-updated and admin can offer secured internet access to guests and users. It also supports safe search enforced by Bing.

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