Internet Service Providers - WiMAX

Internet Service Providers - WiMAX


Comprehensive WiMAX AAA, WiMAX Policy Control, WiMAX Billing, and Pre-Integrated ASN Gateway Solution

WiMAX networks are the most speedily-growing arena for accessing the Internet with its vast array of services. WiMAX networks are coming up with latest and significant opportunities for new services in competition with existing wired broadband and wireless broadband service providers. WiMAX service providers working on extending their network, face lot of technical as well as logistical challenges, due to dynamic topologies, multi-vendor requirements, increasing demand for advanced services from users and businesses for high bandwidth, roaming facility etc. In-order to successfully roll-out advanced services in the competitive market, WiMAX service provider must deploy cost-efficient and pre-integrated solutions.

24online WiMAX Wireless solution offers unified billing and service provisioning with standard compliance with third party ASN gateways, to provide fast-track deployment, cost-efficient solution and multi-vendor support. 24online WiMAX solution includes comprehensive AAA, subscriber management, service management, service control, access control, and comprehensive billing – all in single platform. 24online WiMAX solution supports 16e and 16d networks, pre-integrated with some of the well-know third party ASN gateways.


24online NWG AAA solution is specifically developed to support the advanced WiMAX network technology for fixed or roaming locations. Its various features and functions are designed to support the 802.16d/802.16e networks, for swift deployment and speedy penetration in the market. 24online WiMAX AAA offers modular services by which WiMAX service providers have the facility to choose required modular features developed by 24online as well as integrated with third party, for better service provision. 24online WiMAX AAA solution offers sophisticated, high performance, and capitalizing features for dynamic WiMAX networks.

24online WiMAX Billing

Unlike other WiMAX billing systems in the market, 24online WiMAX solution also includes WiMAX billing solution which offers comprehensive features and functions to manage prepaid and post services - using same solution. 24online WiMAX billing solution also follows various charging mechanisms including voucher management, payment gateway services and SMS based billing, as well as offers flexibility to integrate with any third party billing systems in the market. 24online WiMAX billing system is also capable of processing various CDRs generated by the 24online WiMAX AAA for billing and mediation.

24online WiMAX Subscriber Management

24online WiMAX solution also include WiMAX subscriber management system that offers comprehensive unified data management platform to enable service providers to utilize enriched information from local and external subscriber systems. 24online WiMAX subscriber management system is highly flexible solution which is pre-integrated with external database like LDAP, active-directory etc. 24online WiMAX subscriber management solution intelligently manages user registration/renewal etc. to user migration functions from external servers.

24online WiMAX Pre-Integrated Solution

24online WiMAX solution is a comprehensive solution with pre-integrated solution online payment, SMS alerts, including advanced integration with ASN-Gateways as well as with regular Wi - Fi Access controllers. WiMAX, wire line broadband, and Hotspots requests can be served using the same 24online WiMAX solution.

24online WiMAX Hotlining Solution

24online comprehensive WiMAX solution is embedded with advanced subscriber based features like captive portal/hotlining functions. With the help of advanced NGN hotlining functionalities one can customize and tailor their login pages into attractive and dynamic portal which prompts users to enter their login credentials for surfing internet. The hotlining portal can also be used for changing user service plan for the same page (also known as CoA – Change of Authorization). The captive portal functionalities are widely used by Wi-Fi and WiMAX hotpots for authenticating users. Hotlining also offers similar portals for authenticating WiMAX subscribers.

24online WiMAX solution offers an affordable option for all types of service providers, Greenfield operators as well as large ISPs to swiftly launch revenue generating services in the market. We believe in ‘go as you grow’ strategy by which small and medium WiMAX service providers or multiple hotspots can set up fast-track deployment with reduced capital investment. 24online offers comprehensive solution with multi-vendor support using single platform and also supports small to large Wi-Fi operators, roaming brokers, and hotspots in WiMAX networks.